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Administrative Services Provided by Progressive Management, Inc.


Information is the key to a well-run (and rumor free) community. As the liaison between the Board of Directors and owners, we are often the primary source of information for the community. This information can be communicated in many forms; newsletters, bulletins, websites, correspondence and frequently one-on-one conversations between the property manager and owners.



24 Hour Answering Services:

Emergencies don't always happen during office hours. For this reason, we provide a 24 hour service. In the event of an emergency, we can be reached day or night.


Annual and Special Members Meetings don't have to be chaotic. We can organize the 'whole show' from preparation of the notices to counting of the final ballots. We can help the Board of Directors understand and comply with ballot, proxy, quorum and other Florida Statute and Document requirements.
Regularly scheduled Board Meetings provide the forum for the Board's decision making process. By attending these meetings, the property manager is able to provide information, guidance and support to the Board of Directors.


Communities differ in their needs for personnel. Whether your Association needs full time or part time, we assume the role of 'employer' for you. Time consuming tasks such as interviewing, hiring, evaluating, and if necessary, dismissing employees are handled through our office. Record keeping, including tax information is also maintained for each employee.


One complicated but very important aspect of running a Community Association is obtaining insurance coverage. Most community documents contain information related to levels of coverage that must be maintained. We can assist the Board in soliciting estimates and placing coverage, while complying with the requirements set up in the documents. We also serve as the liaison between the agent and the Board in the event of a loss.

Enforcement of Declaration:

One of the most sensitive areas of community living is the enforcement of the many rules, which govern the day to day activities of the residents. The task, when delegated to the property manager results in unbiased enforcement of the rules, often eliminating the embarrassment and ill feelings that can result from a resident to resident confrontation.

Transfer of Titles and Leases:

Most community documents provide that all transfers of ownership and leases within the community require the approval of the Board of Directors. We assist the Board in processing the necessary forms to ensure that all provisions of the documents are met.